Don’t Forget Your Greens


Just wanted to put a shout out there for Greens  of Wickham.

We had the pleasure of dining and relaxing in this establishment on Saturday. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. The staff were friendly, attentive but not intrusive. And, most importantly, the food was superb.

Our choices from the menu were all from the Set Lunch Menu, well initially. By accident we selected one of each of the starters. “Soup of the moment” (I’ve forgotten wha it was), Warm Goats’ Cheese, Smoked salmon & crayfish tails (this looked  spectacular) and Pressed ham hock terrine.

All agreed that the food was very tasty and there was ample for a starter,  although some concern was voiced that there was too much goats cheese !! Didn’t see any left on the plate though.

For the mains our selections included a Steak pie (with a proper pastry top instead of the usual puff pastry shrapnel), Pork loin and I had the  Hampshire ribeye which was beautifully cooked.

Nobody had room for a sweet which says it all really.

We had booked for 13:00 and were seated shortly thereafter. Given the current weather it was nice to be sat near an open log fire.  And then it was 16:00 before we knew it. I had asked at the bar if we could have more coffee and was very politely informed that they were closed. Actually they had been closed since 15:00 but had not pressed us to leave. And we weren’t the only ones as there was another group of folks, at the far end of the restaurant, equally involved in their own socialising.

I cannot recommend this establishment highly enough. We will be back.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Greens”

    1. I guess it’s no surprise that you haven’t heard of it. Long trek from your neck of the woods. Just last week we packed my daughter back off to Oz. She and her husband were over for a funeral so only a short stay. They live near Perth, WA.

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