La Porcherie, France – Firebug

Spotted these wee beasties gathering on the wall of the gite during our recent stay. Was intrigued by the variety of shapes and markings or perhps that should be the lack of markings. I have them identified as Firebugs but this may be wrong as other similar pictures on the web suggest that they may… Continue reading La Porcherie, France – Firebug

Limousin, France – Day 5

If it’s Tuesday,  it must be Collonges-la-Rouge. What the heck is that ?,  you may ask. Selected as the target for a visit from yours truly this beautiful medieval village, some eighty kilometers from our gite, is listed as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages Of France” and is entirely built from a red sandstone… Continue reading Limousin, France – Day 5

Limousin, France – Day 4

It’s Monday morning and I’ve made the run to Massaret for fresh bread. French bread is wonderful but it doesn’t stay fresh for long. But that’s OK because I get to meet all these friendly people. Everyone says “Bonjour” when they meet you in the street or inside the boulangerie. Then “Au Revoir” when either… Continue reading Limousin, France – Day 4