Limousin, France – Day 6

Day 6, Wednesday, designated a relaxation day. Although the sun was shining on the gite, the view across the valley was very misty. As usual I made the journey into Masseret to obtain fresh bread and as is my wont, en-route back to the gite I made a small detour. The start of  some of… Continue reading Limousin, France – Day 6

Limousin, France – Day 5 Evening

Finding ourselves back at the gite, a little earlier than we expected, a couple of us decided to go for a walk up into  La Porcherie. The gite is situated in a very quiet corner of a very quiet village so we were able to stroll the lanes with no concerns about traffic. Here are… Continue reading Limousin, France – Day 5 Evening

Limousin, France – Day 1 & 2

Day 1 Consisted of an early start, 06:00, to drive up to the “chunnel” terminal at Folkestone. We made good time, with none of the anticipated delays on the M25. So much so that we were placed on an earlier crossing. So, very soon we were underway, across the channel and plugging down the French… Continue reading Limousin, France – Day 1 & 2