Spurlings, Wellbourne, Swansdell – You Choose

Coming to the countryside near you….. yes a new village / town. And you too can get involved in the naming of this new community.

The local authority has whittled the list down to just three. I have to say that none of the choices are particularly awe-inspiring. They all have some historical linkage to a bygone era. It’s a shame that they the new construction is unlikely to “visually” hark back to those times.

It’s a shame that the people of the general public weren’t involved in the original list compilation. I for one would love to have seen what Joe P. would have suggested. Anyway, here are the choices put forward by the authorities….

Researchers have gone through Ordnance Survey maps and used the museum’s archives to pick out three names of historic value to the area.

Each of the three names has a close historical connection with the land to the north of Fareham.

The names to choose from are:

  • Spurlings: Marked on the 1879 Ordnance Survey map. In 1841 it was occupied by Charles Osborn, who developed the Victorian villas along Osborn Road. Today, there is a Spurlings Road north of the M27 at Junction 11.
  • Swansdell: Also marked on the 1879 Ordnance Survey map, Swans Dell Cottage was occupied in 1841 by the gamekeeper of Roche Court and labourer John Stares.
  • Welborne: Relating to fields immediately north of Kiln Road and south of Kneller Court, the land named Welborne was occupied by John Budd at the time of the tithe map. The land was owned as part of Fareham Manor by the Gardiner family of Roche Court.

Mind you I think they missed out on a couple of alternatives based on the historical notes for the last one. Here are my thoughts.
According to the Tithe Map the land was occupied by one John Budd. So I thought perhaps Budds Farm would have been appropriate, then I realised that the name was taken …. by the local sewage farm. Another alternative, what with the Gardiner family name linked to the land, would have been Gardiners World !!! Oh well I guess not.

Now we know why Joe P. wasn’t asked to contribute suggested names. There are too many people out there that think like me.

Anyway, if you want to throw in your thee penneth and vote for one of the above options, here’s how.


There are a number of ways for people to get involved and vote for their favourite name.

Go to fareham.gov.uk or visit the Civic Offices and vote using tokens.

On Friday we will be printing a voting slip in The News, so that you can fill in and send back to make your voice heard.

Voting opens on Friday, February 1 and closes on Sunday, March 31.

The name with the most votes will be announced at the council’s executive meeting on Monday, April 15.

Have your say – it’s finally time to name new town – Politics – Portsmouth News.

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