Scammers ??? – PPI Claims Company

Luckily I don’t get many unsolicited messages on my mobile. To be honest I can only think of two occasions in the last 5 to 7 years.

A few days ago I received the following text …..

Hi, your PPi claim still owes you £1702.43 from when it was mis-sold to you, it’s in your name waiting to be sent out to you. To get it sent out today reply PPi

The number from which it appears to have been sent is +447780642096

As I hadn’t submitted a claim I immediately smelled a rat.

This didn’t come across as a fishing exercise i.e. The message didn’t say “I could be owed …”. The figure they quoted was specific so they had sown the seeds of doubt in my mind.   If it had been a bit more neutral I would have written it off as text spam. After studying it a bit more I decided that if this was truly aimed at me it would have been a bit more formal. Something along the lines of “Dear Mr…..” or “Dear Robert …”.

OK so I decided to ignore this, treat it with the contempt it so obviously deserved.

My real concern about this type of message was raised last night while I was down at my daughters. I just happened to mention this text and without batting an eyelid she trumped my text with three of her own. She had received them over a fairly short period and they all came from different numbers.

Two of hers quoted the same sum of money owed but adding hers to mine we are “owed” something in the region of £7k – £8k.

Whoohoo !!! We are in the money. NOT !!!

I have tried calling the number  but I just get the “number has not been recognised” message.

Surely this blanket unsolicited messaging has to be illegal.  The actual message is a lie so this has to be defined as some sort of mis-representation.

I can see that some people, older folks perhaps, may be suckered into following up on this type of message.

Has anyone else out there received similar messages ?

Has anyone ever followed up and text back to them ?

6 thoughts on “Scammers ??? – PPI Claims Company”

  1. Not had one of these myself, but I am quite careful who I give my number to. But it does remind me of an unsolicited call my Mum received from people offering discounts on wall insulation. They claimed that they’d flown a helicopter over her house with a thermal camera and that they’d noticed lots of heat loss so she would benefit from their service. She pointed out that if they had really flown a helicopter over her house they would have noticed that she lives in a terraced house and that there are no exposed walls in which they could have put the insulation. That shut them up!

    As for the unsolicted text thing, I could be wrong, but I think if you hand your number to a company (for whatever reason) they can sometimes add clauses in the small print allowing them the right to sell your number on to third parties. I could be wrong though but I believe that’s where this kind of thing comes from.

    1. It is true that companies reserve the right to pass your info around their own associated companies but these PPI claims companies are effectively cold calling but fronting it up with a lie. Proud of your mum for being sharp enough to shoot down the wall insulation folks. More power to her elbow.

    2. Just read this, taken from todays post on the blog….”As we walked back along the road towards the pub the telephone in the phone box was ringing. So Jim went into the phone box to answer it and much to his surprise he was greeted by the all too familiar voice of the automated Payment Protection Insurance people!” lol

  2. I’ve just had exactly the same message from these people, including the same amount, and we can’t both be owed exactly £1702.43 so it’s definitely spam.
    Ignore it.
    If you have been miss-sold PPi then you can put in a claim yourself and not pay the 25%-40% fee to these people for recovering your own money.

  3. Hi – I’ve ALSO just had exactly the same message to my mobile, This also includes, again, exactly the same amount as yours and Poppy’s, so we definitely can’t ALL be owed exactly £1702.43!! So it’s definitely spam – I agree with Poppy. Take care and thanks for alerting everyone to this. I HATE these scammers!!!

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