The First Major Rock Band I Ever Saw

Thanks to Dick, a guy that I was in digs with,  Zep are the first band I ever saw live. This was back in 1969. How he convinced me to go I will never know as, at that time, I had never heard of them. All I know is that it was a brilliant concert.

Later that year he also persuaded me to go and see John Mayall, another huge name in the British rock hall of fame. For me 1969 was a pivotal year as far as music is concerned. Since then I have seen many many bands.

So, where ever you are Dick (can’t remember your surname) from Chichester, thank you for awakening a love of rock music that has spanned over 40 years and is still going strong.

Led Zeppelin‘s concert film Celebration Day is released on video, November 19th. Here is their rendition of Black Dog from the 2007 O2 reunion show.

2 thoughts on “The First Major Rock Band I Ever Saw”

  1. He’s not keeping bad Ol’ Planty is he? I saw Led Zep at what was probably their final concert – Knebworth in 1980. Was great but you needed binoculars to see who was on stage from that distance (I was nowhere near the front). At least I knew which was Rob Plant ‘cos of the blonde hair.

  2. I agree Plant is keeping well. I think that having passed through their period of excess he just gets better and better. Some of his later solo works have been inspired and as for the collaborations. One of my favourites has been Raising Sand with Alison Krauss. I never saw Zep at a festival, as I’m not really one for huge crowds. When I saw them it was at Pompey Guildhall and I was sat only few rows back from the stage. Awesome view, brilliant concert. Spoilt me, raised my expectations for future concerts.

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