Car Surfing – Insane

Just read about a court case that has taken place in the US.

Where else ?

Apparently two 18 year olds were clinging to the side of their friends SUV while he, their friend, drove. Two other friends were “safely” inside the vehicle when it reached an estimated 70 mph, in a 35 mph zone. The passengers realised that the were about to crash and screamed for the driver to stop before the inevitable happened.  The two surfers were killed in the resulting wreck which saw the SUV overturn and burst into flames. The driver and remaining passengers were hospitalised.

The driver did not contest the charges of reckless driving and vehicular homicide.

I am surprised at the homicide charge but I suppose, since it was his car he is responsible. After all the two teens that died do not appear to have been coerced so they must be assumed to have been partially responsible.

According to the mobile phone movie footage, one of the teens is heard to say “This is insane” and another is heard saying “If I died, remember this is Carlos’s idea

What these fools were doing is not unusual. There are numerous film clips available on the web that show many variations on the same theme including one where the video description is

“My friend Tyler climbs on to hood of car and I drive one handed from passenger seat while the cruise is set at 80mph and hold my phone out the window with other hand and record him…..crazy mother f*****.”


Anyone who does this has to be short a few brain cells and all who do it are heading for their own place in the Darwin Awards.



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