“They’ve burned down the pier!! Bastards !!”

I was awoken this morning  by a text from my sister informing me

“They’ve burned down the pier!!

Bastards !!”

Hastings Pier has been closed since 2006 but there has been an active campaign to get it renovated and reopened. Although the police have already detained two men this is going to be a severe blow not just to the campaign but also to the whole community.

As well as being an iconic landmark on the Sussex coast the pier is a landmark in my childhood and teens. Having lived my early years in and around East Sussex, from Shoreham to Battle, Hastings and the pier featured quite a bit.

As a family we used to gather along the beach from the pier, to have lunch with Mum and some of her workmates from KB (Kolster Brandes).

From the age of 9, after Mum & Dad gave me my first fishing rod, I used to fish from the pier as well as along the shore line. We won’t mention the ill-fated fishing trip by the lads from Battle Engineering, where I worked immediately after leaving school. Also there were many fishing trips with Dad in his Rana dinghy propelled by the ubiqitous British Seagull. All launched from various points along the Hastings and Bexhill shoreline.

Then of course there was the all night concert that was held on Hastings Pier, Friday 26th June, 1970.  I had travelled up from Pompey with my mate Dirk Diamond (honest, that’s his name) to see The Edgar Broughton band.  As the Broughtons had also played a gig up in London that night it was actually 04:00 Saturday morning before they hit the stage. However, we were kept entertained as also on the bill that night were Blonde on Blonde, Jigsaw, Cupids Inspiration, Sarah Gordons House Of Bondage (The guitarist did say that Sarah would take off  her top if £10 could be collected. It was and she did). All for the princely sum of 25/- (£1.25).There is actually an image of an advert for the gig here

So you can see why, with many memories tied to Hastings Pier, I agree with my sisters sentiment.


Full story here

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