Vauxhall Astra 1.6i Cabriolet – Insurance Issues

My granddaughter (20) is currently having a hard time trying to renew her car insurance. She has nearly 3 years no claims and all she wants to do is insure a Vauxhall Astra ragtop. We all have come to accept that there is an enormous price hike for those under the age of 25 but she is encountering the following issues

  1. A number of companies seem to have put an arbitrary age limit on anyone driving a cabriolet.
    Just yesterday, one company said that they wouldn’t insure anyone under 25 for an Astra Cabriolet !!!  Yet the very same company had previously insured her to drive an Audi TT 1.8 Turbo when she only had 1 years  previous driving experience in a Ford Fiesta and a Renault Clio.

    Go figure

  2. Probably the most disgusting issue is that  several companies are using a no fault claim as a reason to jack up her premium by, in one case, over £400.

    Last year her car had been parked legally in town. While she was away from her car a coach trying to negotiate narrow streets hit her car and caused damage to the front wing, door and front bumper. The driver of the coach accepted liability and the car was repaired. She was told, yesterday, that statistically it has been shown that young people who have a no-fault claim subsequently go on to make a claim against their own insurance. That is given as the reason why her premium should be jacked up.

Insurance companies are the slipperiest of companies to deal with when you are unfortunate enough to have to make a claim but it seems to me that they are just trying to make it difficult for the young to get on the road.

Perhaps this is an area where the government could step in and legislate for an affordable insurance scheme for new  young drivers. Of course there would be restrictions on types of cars that could be driven, the power ratings etc. But make it a scheme without arbitrary restrictions to do with soft tops or no fault claims. I am sure that there are lots of other youngsters out there who are getting the run around with lots of other trivial reasons being given.

The actions of the insurance companies are probably a contributing factor in the number of uninsured drivers that are presently on our roads.

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