Time To Recycle

My shed is overflowing with polystyrene cartons.

Large ones, used by my meat supplier to ship deliveries. I have, for some time, been pondering what to do with them. The local binnies are reluctant to take them. Unless I break them up, which is messy, and disguise them in black bin bags.

So I have decided to re-purpose them. They are going to become planters. We are going to use them for both floral and veggie planting.

Phase one is to coat the exterior with masonry paint. I have chosen battleship grey, as a nice neutral colour, which will provide a good backdrop for the plants.

First coat of Battleship Grey paint.
Nice contrast to the Ivy

My thoughts are that the planters will be light enough for me to move around on a whim. The polystyrene will provide a thermal barrier, keeping the plant roots warm.

I might even try some other colours and possibly textures / patterns as my confidence grows.

I’ll post more pictures as the planters are utilised.

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