Workers Playtime

So here I am sitting in my lounge, working from home, when some movement outside the window catches my eye.

  • Is it my next door neighbour moving their car on the drive ?
  • Is it the Blackbird attacking its reflection in my car window while it craps down the paintwork ?
  • Is it the postman on his daily trek to deliver my granddaughters mail that she never comes to collect ?

No its none of the above.

It is, in fact, a bunch of contractors playing hide and seek and climbing up an ancient Yew.

Yes at least two have made the climb up into the tree whilst several others have sprinted off into the distance. Presumably to find themselves a tree to climb. Another bod has arrived and stood talking to the guys in the Yew while he scratches and adjusts his nether regions. Doesn’t he know he will give away their hidey hole. I thought maybe he was the seeker but the two “hiders” didn’t come back down after he wandered off so I assume not.

These folks are all busy “working” hard, replacing the local water main.

Well apparently they did that before Christmas. Then they came back after Christmas but got held up by the snow. Having cleared out they have had to come back and do other “stuff” that involves multiple trucks, trailers, diggers and pneumatic drills spread over several roads.

So here we are, it’s nearly June and the task that was only going to take 3-4 weeks is still ongoing.

In the meantime its good to see that they are enjoying themselves. It doesn’t pay to let work get in the way of a great lark.

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