Water Water Everwhere

On Friday we were supposed to be going to play crazy golf with my granddaughter Abi but we were having monsoon-like weather. So we opted to travel over to Whitely, a retail and outlet centre at Segensworth. So, after some retail therapy and a spot of lunch at Wagamamas, we returned home.

After a cup of tea I decided to pop out to our freezer for a loaf. The freezer is housed in our garage, as is our central heating boiler. It was at this point,  much to my dismay, I discovered a large pool of water on the garage floor, with more pouring down from the central heating boiler.

I immediately removed the boiler cover and discovered a jet of water emanating, under pressure, from what appeared to be a blanking plug.

Sprung A Leak

Obviously, looking at the corrosion around the nut, the boiler had been leaking for a while.

With the head of water, from the tank in the loft, the jet was spraying quite hard and splashing back over other bits of the boiler. Including the electrics.

Splash Back
Water splashing back over the electrics.

As a general rule, electrics and water don’t do too well together. Needless to say I spared no time in isolating the boiler electrics. I then took some photos and texted them to my plumber.

Good as gold, my plumber was there within the hour. I had turned off the water to the header tank so eventually the flow of water via the leak subsided.

The plumber set about removing the nut, which proved to be a stubborn SOB. The corrosion was preventing any turns on the nut and eventually a hacksaw was brought into play. When it was sawn almost halfway through it finally submitted.

With the nut removed we were able see what had failed…

Plastic Blank
Plastic Blank – Why wasn’t it brass ?

This plastic disc was the only thing keeping the water inside our heating system. Given the nature of a boiler, heating up then cooling down, on a repeat cycle, it is hardly surprising that this failed.

My plumber replaced this with a brass version. Question, why wasn’t brass used for the original installation ?

However, that wasn’t the end of the story as the boiler refused to fire up. Some of that water had found its way into the electrics. Luckily, some judicious drying with pressurised air and my wifes hair dryer coaxed the boiler back into operation.

Several days have passed, my garage floor and wooden steps are still trying out. But it could have been so much worse.

We are currently away, just for a few days, with potential for this to have been undiscovered for six days. Worse, if this had happened at the end of the month when we go to France, then it would have been a whole month and I dread to think how many gallons of water would have been spilt.

We have been, relatively, lucky.

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