Walpole / Denmark

I know this is out of sequence time wise. This post is the continuation of our trip down south. The previous post is here

The next stop on our itinerary was Denmark or perhaps I should clarify, our next overnight stop. Our next stop was actually Walpole and The Valley of the Giants.

Departing from Pemberton we headed down the road to Walpole, a quiet, one horse, maybe two-horse town. Here we were to have a belated breakfast as none of us wanted to chance the Pemberton Hotel. So, arriving in Walpole our first port of call was to the Top Deck Cafe

The Top Deck is a very pleasant place to eat. Lots of plants dotted around the eating areas split over two decks. The staff were very friendly and the food was good if a little expensive.  Breakfast finished we browsed the shops and managed to obtain some cash from the ATM in the small shopping centre.

Walpole itself is spread along just one side of the South Coast Highway, the towns main road. The town is very small and we were soon back at the car and once again on our way, searching out our first true destination, The Valley of the Giants.

Just twenty kilometers down the road and we were at the Valley of the Giants and the Treetop Walk. Gerry and I did this walk eighteen years ago during  my first visit to Australia and I was curious to see if it had changed in that time.

There are  two main features of this attraction …

  1. A walk through a grove of giant Red Tingle trees more than 400-year-old. This walk is known as the Ancient Empire and comprises a boardwalk / path designed to protect the forest floor and the root system of these giant trees. The path winds in and out, up, over and through various of these giants.
  2. The 600-metre Tree Top Walk which is 40 metres high and takes visitors through the canopy of the Tingle and Karri trees.

After doing both the tree-top walk and the boardwalk, slurped an ice cream and raided the souvenir shop, we headed on to Denmark. Approaching Denmark we decided to detour down to Peaceful Bay …

It was very windy but the views were worth the short sojourn. After few more kilometers we arrived at our accommodation, the Windrose B & B.

Although our host was not home, there was a letter indicating our rooms and the facilities. We were soon unpacked and installed in our respective rooms.

The B&B was very nice, the rooms having en-suite shower rooms. The decor was clean and modern but also quirky with bits of memorabilia on the walls. Each room had under floor art, that is there was some kind of illuminated box built into the floor with a reinforced glass top. The box was illuminated when the main room lights were turned on. A nice touch.

Our hostess arrived, welcomed us to Denmark, enquired what time we would like our breakfast and gave us some good advice regarding local eateries. We headed back out to explore the local area.

We spent some time wandering the shops in Denmark centre although it was getting near closing time. We also ventured down to Ocean Beach ….

By now our tummies were rumbling so we went in search of food. The first eatery that had been recommended was the Denmark Tavern. We took a look but the place was heaving. Normally we would have taken that as a good sign but it also meant that there were no tables available. Certainly the menu looked very inviting with reasonable prices and it was obviously a popular venue. Sadly this time, not for us.

So then we took ourselves off to the second recommendation, which was a couple of kilometers outside of Denmark, the other side of town. And so we found ourselves at the Boston Brewery. We would definitely eat here again. The staff were friendly, the food was good and the atmosphere warm and friendly. The brews were really good too, just a shame I was driving.

And then it was back to the B&B for a good nights rest. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good. The rooms don’t have aircon and, despite our hostess assuring us that once the sun went down we would be cool enough, we were hot and sticky all night. This is my only criticism of this charming B&B.

The breakfast was filling and tasty, although the German sausage wasn’t appreciated by all of our party.

Car packed, we bid our farewells and headed back into Denmark to browse the stores again and partake of a coffee before getting underway for Albany.






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