Thank You Mr AA Man

Have to say a big thank you to the AA man who arrived to take a look at my car and had it fixed within 45 mins.

I had just driven around 30 miles from the office, mostly motorway, and almost home when there was a sudden noise like a tyre suddenly deflating. This was accompanied by several lights illuminating on my dashboard.

The engine started to run rough and there was a distinct lack of power. So engine and tyres not normally related so I was puzzled.

The lights on the dashboard were related to the tyre pressure sensors and to the stability control system !!!

All of this was accompanied by sounds from under the bonnet similar to when an exhaust manifold gasket is blowing.

Since there didn’t seem to be any danger of damage to the engine, no warning lights indicating overheating or oil loss, I limped home.

At home, on the driveway, I turned the engine off then restarted it. Engine ran, noisy it’s true, but no lights illuminated on the dashboard.

So I contacted the lease company who arranged for the AA to visit.

They arrived within 15 minutes and I reckon the guy had identified that the turbo intercooler hose had come off  within five minutes. He discovered that the pipe clip was still down on the tray under the engine cleaned and refitted the pipe. Had the engine running, quietly and smoothly, job done within 45 minutes.

He couldn’t explain why any of the warning lights came on since they are, seemingly, logically, unrelated.

Needless to say, I was and am relieved.

Since then I have trawled the interweb. It seems that intercooler pipes come of with some regularity. I couldn’t find any references to Mazda CX5’s specifically. But lots of references to other brands and there is a particularly humerous film on YouTube of a guy whose Mitsubishi suffers the same issue but he is between hills and without the turbo his car is unable to reach the summit in either direction.

I consider I was very lucky. So, a big thank you to the man from the AA.

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