At Last !!!

“18 months” they said. Then “Open by Easter, 2013” they said. That’s how long they said it would take to reinstate the shops and takeaway following the fire that destroyed our local shopping centre.

Here we are, at the end of June, and the pharmacy has opened. Hooray.

I feel for the staff at Rowlands who have put in a stalwart performance since the fire. The following statement by the News doesn’t really recognise the conditions that they have endured.

Since then, staff have been dispensing medicine from a cramped portable building in the car park of Stake Lodge Surgery.

The “cramped portable building” was really little more than a converted shipping container and working there must have been like being in an oven in the summer and being in a freezer in the winter. And yet, throughout it all, they still managed to put on a cheery face and I for one would like to thank them all for the service that they provided in those less than kindly conditions. I hope they like their new accommodation.

Joy as Waterlooville fire-hit pharmacy rises from the ashes – Local Health – Portsmouth News.

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