So Are Your Kids Safe ?

So you pack your kids off to school by taxi. That same taxi firm picks them up and brings them home safely.

Well you might think they do it safely.

This afternoon I spotted two private hire taxis that I assume were carrying kids home from the same school. They had presumably picked up their passengers in Chandlers Ford. Both passed me, while I waited at a roundabout just outside Otterbourne, coming from the Chandlers Ford direction.

The first had a young boy hanging out of the offside rear passenger window. The second had a young boy hanging out of the near side front passenger window. The two boys were obviously having fun and were waving and possibly shouting at each other. At the next roundabout the cars parted company. The first heading south down the slip road onto the M3 while the other carried on round the roundabout presumably heading towards the north bound M3.

I assume that their actions and the fact that the drivers allowed them to do this was breaking some basic private hire licensing rules let alone the road traffic rules regarding seat belts etc. Where on earth were the drivers brains ?

I don’t know which school the boys had come from and I didn’t catch the name of the taxi else I would have been on the phone to both to express my concerns.


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