Councillor Paul Buckley – Total Lack Of Response – Is This The Norm ?

A couple of weeks ago I posted about  a local Community Board meeting –  Residents join the debate to improve Waterlooville

I also sent an email to Councillor Buckley asking where the notices for the meeting had been posted and where I could find out about future meetings. So far he has chosen not to respond.

Is this an indication of how much the council really want input from local residents ?

Furthermore I tried to find out more information about the Waterlooville Community Board and their meetings. On the Havant Borough Council website there is a link for Community Partnership and specifically an email link to Community Boards’ Support Officer. The link is broken i.e. the email address does not work.

On the same web site the meeting minutes for the Community Boards end with the minutes for 28 September, 2011. So nothing for the last five months.

Nowhere could I find any reference to the more recent meetings that have been held.

Seems to me that Havant Borough Council is being less than open about their plans for Waterlooville.


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